A World Heritage Site!

10 years ago, the historically disadvantaged people of the Richtersveld united, reclaimed title to their traditional land, and set it aside as conservancy to be forever conserved for research and tourism. It is the last refuge of Nama people living what is known as the transhumance lifestyle - to migrate seasonally with their livestock from mountains to the river and so make sustainable use of the fragile succulent ecosystem.

In recognition of this vanishing lifestyle, and of the rare botanical diversity it helps protect, the Conservancy has been declared the core of a new World Heritage Site.

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See an updated map showing the towns, major roads and 4x4 tracks, as well as sites of interest in the Richtersveld region.

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Traveller's report
19 - 21 September 2007 I have long wanted to experience the Richtersveld, and an opportunity unexpectedly came when I was commissioned to take photographs for a book on South Africa's World Heritage Sites. The area far exceeded my expectations,…
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Unique plant adaptions

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An overview of the broader Namaqualand region.