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Adventure and Outdoor Activities

The Richtersveld World Heritage Site offers beautiful hiking options, with big mountains and unspoilt wilderness. Unique routes to watch birds, rare succulents and the rugged landscape of the Richtersveld. There is access to the Orange River near Modderdrift and to demarcated camping areas on the banks of the river, next to mining ruins, or next to a cave. Please contact the WHS Manager for more details on hiking.

4x4 Driving:
Hundreds of kilometres of dirt tracks with few (or no) people. This is the 4x4 haven of South Africa and the crux of the Namaqua 4x4 Route. Maps are essential and can be purchased at the Tourist Information Centre in Eksteenfontein. Please bear in mind the rules and please stay on the existing tracks. The reason 4x4 drivers love the Richtersveld is because it is unspoiled, remote country – so let’s keep it that way!

imageCultural Experiences:
The options are many for gaining some insight into an interesting way of life. Visit a Nama stockpost, see traditional Nama huts and taste some homemade cooking. Go on a donkeycart ride, buy lappies or homemade curtains from the Women’s Textile and Lappies Group, see the rock engravings or petroglyphs or hear the myriad of legends that the locals have to tell.

Contact person: Gert Links
Telephone: 0721868938