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Diggers Camp

Once offering accommodation to seasonal labourers on the Alexander Bay diamond mine, the diggers camp has been newly renovated. Staying here really conveys a feeling of what it must have been like in this remote region when diamond fever was at its height.

imageThe Diggers Camp is situated on the edge of Alexander Bay - directly next to the wetland of the Orange river mouth. The wetland is a Ramsar site, and offers world class bird viewing opportunities. Guided hikes can be arranged, and the Orange River mouth can be reached from here on foot.

imageThe facility comprises a number of buildings, including accommodation and conference facilities, as well as training centre. There are 5 double and 4 single rooms and meals can be arranged on request. There is also a small restaurant nearby.

Be sure to book in advance - the Diggers Camp is a popular training venue, and the opportunity to stay in direct view of this famous wetland has not escaped the notice of the birding community.

B&B and self catering
5 Double Bed Rooms - R120 each
4 Single Bedrooms - R80 per person
Conference Room and a Training Centre

Contact person: Winson Matthys
Telephone: 073 523 7652