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Eksteenfontein Information Centre

imageMuseum: There is much to learn about the Bosluis Basters and Namas and their resettlement in Eksteenfontein

Textile group: A needlework (lappies) group producing and selling hand-made garments, curtains, tablecloths etc with Richtersveld motives. 

Town tour hiking trail: A tour, by pipe car or hiking, unveiling historical graves and traditional stock posts. Tour guide available

Donkey cart riding: A ride in a donkey cart along the route from town to Rooiberg (the Red Mountain) to see the extraordinary plants and quartzites..

Traditional Namastap dance: Children in Eksteenfontein still dance the traditional Namastap.

Rooiberg: The Red Mountain offers the purest air, the clearest skies, and abundant Halfmens and Baster Quiver Trees.

Hiking: One to three day hikes can be arranged with accredited local guides.

Meet the local youth at the Game shop where you can shoot pool and listen to music.

imagePay entrance fees, camping fees and accommodation for Kom Rus-‘n-Bietjie and Rooiberg Guesthouses at the TIC/ Museum

Winter tour:  During winter you can visit a traditional stock post by pipe car or hiking to experience a different way of life. Taste some of auntie Sannas’ roosterbrood.

Contact person: Volenti van der Westhuizen
Telephone: 027 851 7108