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Lekkersing Municipal Office

imageLekkersing Stone Mine: Historical quartzite mine, where extraordinary dendrite formations are sometimes visible on natural slates.

Protea Elderly club food garden: This food garden has been supplying vegetables, fruits and herbs to the community since 1999.

Horse riding or donkey cart trips: A horse or donkey cart ride unveils the Skurwehoog caves nearby and the places where small settlements were found thousands of years ago

Hiking and 4x4 route: Trails through the surrounding landscape and Lekkersing´┐Żs fragrant shrubs and juicy succulents.

imageNamastap: Local dance deeply rooted in Nama tradition.

Kalkfontein Farm: Outside town, this farm offers traditional meals and the opportunity to experience the farm life, hiking, horse riding or donkey cart riding. 

Contact person: Marie Sampson / Mina Adams
Telephone: 027 851 8580