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Richtersveld National Park Accommodation

Sendelingsdrift (Reuning Mine)
imageA new rest camp has been built which consists of ten chalets (4 x 4 bed units and 6 x 2 bed units).
All chalets are equipped with air conditioning, fridge and two plate electric stoves.
All units have showers, front porches with views over the Gariep (Orange River) and there is a swimming pool in the camp.
Ablutions with showers (cold water only).

New ablutions have been built and showers (cold water only) are available.
There are 18 Campsites and an Environmental Education Centre where school groups can stay over in traditional Nama huts.

De Hoop
This remains one of the most popular spots in the park and ablutions (cold showers) have been built to service 12 Campsites.

As for De Hoop, this camp, which lies on the banks of the river, has been upgraded with ablutions (cold showers) to service 12 Campsites.

The 8 Campsites are serviced by Dry Toilets.
No water is available on site and the nearest water point is at Richtersberg (32 km) away.

Tatasberg and Ganakouriep Wilderness Camps
imageEach camp consists of:
4 x 2-bed self catering units with showers,
12 volt lighting system, fridges and gas stoves (hot and cold water).
Should problems occur with the lights, paraffin lanterns are available.
A caretaker is resident on site.
The units will be swept out and the area kept clean but the washing of utensils and making of beds will be the responsibility of the guests for the duration of their stay.
Please note that the water at Ganakoeriep, Tatasberg and Hakkiesdoring is not suitable for drinking and it is recommended that guests should provide their own drinking water.

Hakkiesdoring Hiking Trails Base Camp
The Hiking Trails Base Camp is situated in the panoramic Ganakouriep Valley and accommodates 9 people. Gas stoves, fridges and hot showers are available. Bookings for this unit will be taken three months in advance until such time as the trails issue has been resolved. It is also an ideal location from which to explore the Park by vehicle. Note that the water is not suitable for drinking and it is recommended that guests should bring their own drinking water.
The cost of this unit is R600.00 for the first four people and R100.00 for each subsequent person.

NB: Closure of Dekoei Camp
Due to the final completion of all the other facilities DeKoei Campsite has been closed. Visitors who had bookings at this camp are requested to report to the Park reception where alternative sites will be arranged for the. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Contact person: Louisa Links / Anna Cloete
Telephone: 027 831 1506